Kids vehicle print set

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Create the perfect gallery wall for a truck-loving little one with this set of eight transportation prints. The collection of construction trucks, fire engines, trains, cars, and aeroplanes will make any little persons space their favourite place to be.

★ Choose a set of four prints from the vehicle prints shown in photo 2. 
- Write your choices in the “Special instructions for seller” at checkout eg.  e.g. modern tractor, bus, digger, loader, tow truck, ambulance, truck - yellow, and train - blue.

★ The background colour is light blue. To choose a different background colour, select from photo 3, and mention in “Special instructions for seller”.
- If you would like the images not to include the words written underneath, or if you'd like a print to be reversed (for a vehicle to face in the other direction) just mention this in the special instruction too :)