Small Train Decal

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These decals are drawn from the classic Hornby toy train set, made in England by Meccano and will bring a little bit of fun a creativity onto any train obsessed child.

These are clearance decals as the cutlines are not even around the images, it does not effect the images at all and will only show on dark walls.

Pack includes
6 Carriages (2 carriages approx. 19.5 x 5 cm; 4 carriages approx. 8 x 5 cm)
1 Engine (approx. 13.5 x 5 cm)
2 Crossing Signs (approx. 1 x 8 cm)
5 Lengths of Track (total approx 95 cm long)
Approx size of layout: 95 x10 cm

********* ABOUT THE DECALS *****************

Made from a unique paste free fabric sticker, the decals have a matt finish with a fabric texture giving them a hand make soft feel.
- can be removed and reused over and over.
- stickers wont damage or leave residue on walls.
- wont wrinkle or tear.
- will stick to almost any surface, inside and out.
- are waterproof and cleanable!