Light-switch decal, Fishing Bear.

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This set of decals is perfect for kids room and nurseries. They are designed to sit over light switches but the bear is happy fishing from anywhere. The quality decals can be removed and reused without damaging walls or the decals. They fit well in any room and will make a wonderful addition to any nursery, toddlers room, or play room.

Pack includes: 
1 Bear Fishing (approx. 11 x 14 cm)
1 Jumping Fish (approx. 7x12 cm)
17 Fish (approx. 7 x 10 cm & 13 x 6 cm)
Approx layout size: 20 x 40 cm 

Made from a unique paste free fabric sticker, the decals have a matt finish with a fabric texture giving them a hand make soft feel. - can be removed and reused over and over. - stickers wont damage or leave residue on walls. - wont wrinkle or tear. - will stick to almost any surface, inside and out. - are waterproof and cleanable!